Company Profile

Our Mission

To improve the economic, social and health status of members and staff while contributing to the development of the wider community, by providing thrift and credit facilities, sickness, accident and death benefits in the most reliable, efficient, professional and accountable manner.

Our Vision

TIP Friendly Society will become the leader in the profitable and professional provision of superior value added services to Stakeholders within the educational sector.

TIP Friendly Society (TIP) is a non-profit based insuring Society for all persons employed in the field of education.  The Society was established in September 1997 and is registered under the Friendly Societies Act of 1966. TIP is a Member of the International Co-operative Alliance, and we hold membership and sit on the board of the ICA America’s. We are regulated and audited by the Registrar of the Department of Co-operatives & Friendly Societies; and governed by a Committee of Management (Board) which comprises 17 members (14 are parish representatives, 1 is a youth representative and 2 are members at large).

To date, we are the largest Friendly Society in Jamaica. As at December 2022 Audited Financial Report, our asset base is $6.072 billion; our loan portfolio is $3.932 billion; our members’ savings is $3.016 billion and we served a membership of over 26,000.

TIP continues to distinguish itself as being a Friendly Society that makes the difference in the lives of its members, their work places and their communities.  Our achievements and growth over the years are based on the guidance, wisdom, grace, mercy and favour of God.  With small beginnings, time and consistency, TIP lives up to its name by keeping its promises and producing thousands of satisfied members.

Customer satisfaction has always been our first priority and this is reflected in our motto, “Serving you is our pleasure”.  We have been satisfying our membership’s financial needs and this is evident as members continue to recommend their colleagues and friends to subscribe to the Society and share in the many benefits available to our members.

We will continue our mandate with God’s guidance in creating peace of mind, assurance and security to our members through our products and services; and continue to be good stewards of our members’ finances by ‘Protecting their income and safeguarding their future’. 

The objectives of TIP Friendly are to:

1.   To provide income protection to all persons employed in the field of education in Jamaica.

2.   To become the company of choice for the savings and insurance needs of the persons employed in the Education Sector.

3.   To improve the efficiency of our operations.

4.   To increase customer satisfaction.

5.   To enhance our training programme to ensure that our staff members are equipped with the requisite skills and professionalism to serve our members effectively and efficiently.

6.   To enhance our training sessions with our Contact Teachers to make them more equipped with carrying out their mandate within their respective schools (place of employment).

7.   To improve our technology to enhance our service delivery..

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